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My Creative Self

"Art is the practice of meditation, and meditation is a work of art."

Chogyam Trungpa

My Creative Self is a co-creative therapeutic modality developed by Dr. Michael Yoshpa as a harmonious synthesis of many traditional and innovative approaches, which were developed in the course of his extensive study, practice and research. It is dedicated to developing your own creative imagination, recognizing and deepening the connection you have to that creative entity, which is within all of us, and searching for your unique creative identity.


In My Creative Self you will experience and establish connections with your own creative center as you learn techniques for stress release, find out how to let go of physical pain and tension, master simple breathing exercises, which can harmonize your emotional state, become acquainted with methods for being present and working in the here and now, master intuitive movement, study creative approaches to the art of being your true self, feel your own style of self-expression more authentically, and do various practices that deepen gained experiences.

In the course of My Creative Self therapy    

  • You will take a look at certain limitations that hinder your creative abilities, come to know them, recognize them, respect them, and then watch them dissolve.

  • You will understand how to be creative in the state of being present—in the here and now—and see how that can promote inspiration and improve your creative endeavors.

  • You will develop creative impulses that arise from within your body and emotions, get to know them, and use them for all thing creative.         

  • You will familiarize yourselves with techniques of self-massage and in-depth bodywork so that you can reinvigorate the feeling of body-centered creativity.         

  • You will work with the voice and with breathing in order to open up new possibilities in your self-expression, sound and resonance.         

  • You will understand how a dream, an event or a feeling in everyday life can not only serve your artistic process, but be creatively transformed by you to become a source of wisdom and inspiration.

  • And of course, you will be offered to try many other useful and inspiring methods and techniques...

To schedule your free 20-minutes consultation, contact Dr. Michael Yoshpa
(720) 400-6988

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My Creative Self Testimonials

"I feel an enormous gratitude for My Creative Self therapy with Michael. It is where miracles happen. One of the miracles I often think about is how I can find all resources I need in the seeming nothingness—they are already present within me, I just need to listen to myself and reconnect to the energy flow, which constantly runs through my being. But this is often stifled by daily routine, life’s chores and depression. A month before I started My Creative Self therapy with Michael, I was prescribed antidepressants that only aggravated my condition—I could not feel any connection to myself at all. And to my relief, being so broken and sensitive, I found myself in Michael’s caring hands—warm, gentle and kind. I cannot fully describe or logically explain those processes that were especially healing. I can only say that I have not felt this good in a very long time. My Creative Self therapy is very much like a “soul spa,” out of which one emerges refreshed, renewed, self-accepting, and able to give as well as receive love from the world."

Anna, translator, mom of three kids


"I’m always surprised by the depth and scope of the inner work that takes place in Michael’s My Creative Self therapy sessions. Michael uses various approaches and techniques, and always finds a precise way of being with my innermost inquiry. But it’s not his methods that I value so much. What I value is that Michael is fully and authentically present with me in my process, whatever it may be. With Michael I can be angry, loving, totally lost, afraid, without a clue, dance shamanic dances, do something strange, something I could never do anywhere else, play games, daydream for real, die and be born again. And what is very healing for me is that he can fully and honestly be with me right where I am at this very moment.
With Michael, I was working on my self-realization, on my uncertainty about where and in which direction I want to go with my life. Our work allowed me to discover a totally unfamiliar outlook, beyond my old ideas and preconceptions. Even now, I am still living the changes that happened as a result of our work—they still unfurl, bloom and gradually find their way into my life.

Danielle, psychotherapist, somatic therapist


"I never thought that this was possible. And I cannot describe it. Because Michael is more than wisdom, empathy and intuition. Michael is the eyes that can see right into you, the heart that sincerely loves you, and the energy that takes away all that stays between you and your Life. I don’t know HOW he does it. I only know that I want to continue working with him. It is a different depth of self-exploration and self-trust. It is a world of limitless possibilities. Thank you, Michael for being who you are."

Renata, tour guide

To schedule your free 20-minutes consultation, contact Dr. Michael Yoshpa
(720) 400-6988

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