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Dr. Michael Yoshpa, Couples and Individual Counseling,
Creativity Coaching, Spirituality and Mindfulness Coaching
Online & In-person in Washington, DC

Dr. Michael Yoshpa guides creative, many-talented, spiritually inspired individuals to connect to their innermost self and fulfill the life purpose for harmonious and satisfying life. Discover your vocation and hidden resources with Living Self Therapy in Boulder, Colorado.

Therapist / Counselor

Dr. Michael Yoshpa, PhD, DDiv

Ever since I was a child, I was interested in too many things and wanted to do them all. As I grew older, I found it difficult to fit all that I learned, my interests and talents into everyday life and a corporate career. So I began experimenting, offering classes that combined many approaches and modalities, and served as avenues for my creative expression. Later, after becoming a therapist and a coach, I understood that my life experience was given to me not only to become who I truly am, but also to help other people who were fortunate to be multi-talented, spiritually inspired and intuitively creative. In my work, I developed several modalities combining traditional approaches, such as Process Work therapy, Enneagram, Qigong, meditation, somatic therapy, etc., and some of my own. I was a bit surprised, when I realized that the harmonious system emerged and coalesced into a unified modality for connecting with one’s innermost Self, finding one’s true calling and manifesting the creative potential.

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Following this realization, I have integrated all my discoveries and methods into the Living Self Therapy, a safe co-creative therapeutic environment for guided in-depth study of the innermost Self, the life purpose, and realizing how life experience is created by the multidimensional mind, how its many messages, meanings and gifts can be understood and harmoniously used.

FYI here is my brief Сurriculum Vitae:

Process-oriented therapist. Life Coach. Doctor of Pharmacognosy and Medicinal Chemistry, Doctor of Divinity, Master's Degree in Biological Sciences, Master's Degree in Education. Graduated from the International School of Shiatsu, as well as the SAT Program by Dr. Claudio Naranjo.

   ​Facilitator at internal development and self-realization retreats, photographer, Sun Moo Do martial arts senior instructor of Grand Master Bong Pil Yang lineage, Ashtanga Yoga instructor of David Swenson lineage, and Zhineng Qigong teacher of Master Ming Pang lineage.

   I am engaged in the development and integration of innovative therapeutic and learning systems for children and adults. I am the author and leader of several therapeutic and educational laboratories: My Creative Self, LifeStream, Living Science, Living Dreams, and Living Myth, all of which are syntheses of traditional and devised approaches that I have developed over the course of many years in study, practice and research. I am the founder of Future Now educational project as well as Facilitators School designed for psychologists and interpersonal specialists.


About the Living Self Therapy process

Therapy Process

If you are

  • Talented, many-faceted

  • Naturally creative

  • Inspired

  • Feel your uniqueness and would like to discover your vocation

  • Enjoy going in many directions

  • Feel a need for the new stage in your life, career, relationship, creative expression

  • Would like to make a real positive impact in the world

  • Community-oriented

  • Nature-loving

then I feel that I can guide you to discover your true potential and help manifest it at your own pace and to your best abilities.

I also help people with

  • Depression

  • Anxiety, panic attacks

  • Stress reduction

  • Pent-up emotions, aggression, hatred, etc. 

  • Lack of motivation

  • Bodily symptoms, chronic pain

  • Mental, physical and emotional burnout 

  • Low self-esteem, lack of confidence   

  • Relationship difficulties

  • Conflict resolution

  • Denial and avoidance patterns

  • Job burnout and career changes

  • Starting a new chapter in life

  • Nightmares, dreamwork

  • Learning Chi gung and Mediation

  • Deep inquiries, burning questions and innermost initiatives

Perhaps you think that there isn’t enough resources to fulfill your dreams, or you don’t know how to blend your everyday work, creativity and spirituality into one harmonious whole. Or, perhaps, you lack self-confidence, especially in using your unique talents and abilities. Or you don’t have a community of like-minded individuals and friends to support you, and sometimes feel lonely and not appreciated. Maybe you are not sure what to focus on, or have difficulties in expressing and understanding your deep feelings and innermost desires. All that may stem from a lack of adequate approach to self-reflection, and an absence of your own “inner vocabulary”—verbal, emotional and somatic—to express yourself.


Despite being talented and intelligent, people like you don’t often perceive that their problems are their best friends that harbor important messages and meanings, which cannot be understood without proper skills and methods that I can provide and teach you. You see, everyday events, dreams and relationships always contain hidden messages, solutions and resources, but neither our culture, nor educational system can offer anything that helps people approach their problems from this unique perspective, and see how that which is habitually called “problems” reawakens the inner resources and lead people to fulfilling their dreams. In my work I discovered that there is “a signal line,” “a melody of one’s calling” that you, perhaps, felt at certain times in your life, but haven’t been taught that this melody is about your true calling, your vocation.


In more than 20 years of work and research as a guide and a facilitator, I have developed a proven method to access your deepest Self, use creative imagination and intuition to recognize and establish a clear working contact with it, embark on a search for your creative identity, and understand your true vocation. However, I have to say right from the start, that this will not happen quickly and without due effort. It is a natural process of gradual unraveling and subsequent blossoming, guided by your own Self, which knows when to begin, when to speed up, and when to pause and rest. And you will have to do the work.


Being in deep contact with your Self will slowly but surely become a second nature, and you will see how it works, and experience how your talents and life history fit into one harmonious whole. We will use proven methods to integrate three types of intelligence: cognitive, emotional and somatic, with a program of therapy and study, custom-tailored for your individual needs, based on certain co-creative therapeutic modalities, some of which are LifeStream, Living Dreams and My Creative Self. We will also take a look at limitations that hinder your creative abilities, come to know them, recognize, respect and hear them. And then we will watch them dissolve. 


All this will help you see how and why the world needs your uniqueness; how you can do the work you were born for. From my life experience, I’d like to share a secret with you: being not like others is both a privilege and a tremendous resource. And I’ll help you to learn how to use it.


To have the Key to your own Life, and your own Self that is its inspired source, is to know and experience how to harmoniously integrate your creativity, dreams and spirituality into everyday life and feel fulfilled. It is an everyday experience of living within the harmonious unity of your body, heart and mind, that will help you to become a part of the community of your spiritual and creative soulmates, and all doors will open for you when you fully embody your unique talents and abilities.


As I am writing these lines, I have a peaceful heartfelt connection to my own Self and my life purpose, and I am very grateful for being able to share it with you and everyone else on the path of self-discovery and realization.

To schedule your free 20-minutes consultation, contact Dr. Michael Yoshpa
(720) 400-6988



Perhaps, you would like to know what some of my talented and inspired clients have to say about our work together:


“I've been working with Michael for six years now and do not intend to stop. I started with one-on-one consultations, but ended up in two of his laboratories: LifeStream and Living Dreams, where through my body and dreams I accessed my traumas and found vectors and clues for transformation. I am who I am now because of my work with Michael, because of all the processes he brought me through as a facilitator. For me he is an example of professionalism, wisdom and support. In these 6 years, we've covered many things, among them my issues with relationships,and I found love towards myself within me, and found a man who reflects this love with his love for me. With my dream and mission here on earth, I understood how my career in music could not only be on stage, while performing my songs, but also through teaching others and creating a safe environment for those who write and perform music. My recent question was about reaching financial stability, and Michael helped me with that. Now, literally these very days, I can see how it works, how I finally changed my pattern of underestimating my talent and experience, how I learned to put a proper price on my work and express it in adequate financial equivalent. I am eternally grateful to Michael for all these years he has been with me on my path. And you are very lucky to become his client and his friend.”

Maria Melnikova, musician, songwriter, music retreat guide


“Michael Yoshpa's therapy sessions were an incredible experience. As a psychotherapist, I fully believe in the importance of self-growth, and the power of working with a skilled facilitator. Out of ten years of counseling and workshops as a client and participant, Michael's therapy sessions gave me some of the most powerful self-understanding and transformation tools I've ever come across. In fact, my first session with him was so powerful, I immediately signed up for the next. Michael is an incredibly sensitive and skillful facilitator. His two Doctoral degrees—one in Pharmacognosy and another in Divinity—show that he combines modern day science with a deep understanding of spirituality. Over the course of one session, he took me deeper and further than other therapists had in many months. He knows how dreams can help understand the hidden parts of one's identity and uncover what positive changes one can create in life. Because of my work at Michael's sessions, I was able to go back to writing music after a long break, and truly understand what stood in the way of my creativity. I will be forever grateful for these amazing sessions and would say this: do whatever you can to come to Michael's therapy, it is life-changing!”

Sasha Raskin, life coach, founder and executive director of Go New,

psychotherapist, web designer, musician, music producer, record label founder

“Michael is an extraordinary person and a professional of the highest standard. With his awakened spirit, sharp bright mind, compassionate loving heart, he brings light to the darkest corners of human souls. I am forever grateful for meeting Michael, for being in contact with his wisdom, integrity and clarity. I have been working with Michael and attending his retreats for more than seven years and it would not be an exaggeration to say that Michael has changed my life (and lives of many others). Michael uses a holistic approach drawing from Enneagram, gestalt therapy, Mindell's process work, embodiment, dreams analysis and much more. He has encyclopaedic knowledge and many years of experience. And most precious, he has a clear, strong, healing presence that facilitates the return home: to feeling alive and connected to the essence.”

Yana K M, photographer, Buto dancer, performer, puppeteer, travel guide, interpreter


“Dr. Michael Yoshpa is one of the most amazing people I've ever met. Working with him, I'm always invited to expand my horizons by the breadth of his outlook on my issues. I feel that Michael has a place for everything that emerges in my therapeutic process. In my own work as a psychotherapist, I use many of his approaches, some of which are total acceptance, softness, flexibility, and close contact with the dynamic needs of the client. I am also deeply grateful to Michael for the way he worked with me through the media of music and theatrical performance. It consistently brought the feelings of strength and value to what I am doing in my life as a musician and a human being. With Michael I can venture to the furthest reaches of life, and always come back refreshed and beautiful. Michael, I am sending you lots of love and gratitude for your work!”

Luybov Ruban, psychotherapist, dancer, musician, songwriter, photographer


“I took therapy sessions with Dr. Michael Yoshpa for several years and feel very grateful for them. The sessions helped me to become more conscious about my reactions to life challenges, difficulties in relationships, as well as behavioral patterns I habitually used to cope with them, while exploring new more effective and creative ways of dealing with problems and life situations. Besides, I got a deeper understanding of my real interests and values, what I want to do in life, how to trust myself and find support in living the life I want.  I appreciate a lot working with Michael, as he is kind, supportive, and attentive to details. I also liked the holistic body-mind approach which we used at the sessions.”

Tatevik Gukasyan, facilitator, dancer, environmentalist, translator, human rights activist

“When I first met Michael, I was 21 and I found it extremely difficult to cope with anxiety, neurotic attacks and apathy. During the first six months of working with Michael, I was seen and heard, was able to support myself, be myself and deal with what was going on. I found hope and started to dream and enjoy myself again. At that time, I joined the LifeStream and Living Dreams labs. It was an invaluable experience of spontaneous connection of souls and honest informal communication of the people—in their complexity, pain, fear, fun, laughter, love.

   Michael created a safe and at the same time vibrant space in which it was possible to feel complete and discover that situations that appeared stressful were, in fact, mysterious and even filled with paradoxes that enriched us. It allowed us to embrace everyday life situations as they were, and to surrender to the world and the universe. Sometimes we were falling down "rabbit holes", having no idea of what was awaiting us. Nevertheless, every time it was an opportunity to discover my own unique sources of power, to reconnect with my past and ancestors, and to immerse myself in the flow of life.

   It was an experience of exploring myself and reconnecting with my soul, of opening my heart and experiencing unconditional love for all living things. It was an uplifting multi-dimensional experience for my body-mind, for every cell of my body.

   Now, several years later, I have in my arsenal many of the tools and techniques that Michael taught me, and I use them in my private somatic practice with clients, and in art, such as dance improvisation. During the last years of my participation in the lab, I was closely observing Michael's facilitation techniques in clients’ sessions and groups. I have learned how to support the dynamics of the process, found stability and at the same time ease in the process, learned how to both respect timing and let the process flow freely.

   I am grateful to Michael for our work together, for the warmth and love, for the knowledge and inspiration, for all the extraordinary adventures and fun we had.”

Ekaterina Kalyuzhnaya, singer, dancer, performer, journalist,

somatic therapist, permaculturist

To schedule your free 20-minutes consultation, contact Dr. Michael Yoshpa
(720) 400-6988

Dr. Michael Yoshpa guides creative, many-talented, spiritually inspired individuals to connect to their innermost self and fulfill the life purpose for harmonious and satisfying life. Discover your vocation and hidden resources with Living Self Therapy in Boulder, Colorado.
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